Meet Fibernet™

Our Fibre Broadband service, Fibernet™, was built to provide enterprise-grade connectivity for your home. We stripped away all the international bandwitdh caps, traffic shaping policies and other limitations that Internet Service Provider usually impose, boosted it with our own intelligent routing tech - leaving you with the full unbridled power that only fibre optic technology can deliver.

This is Fibre Broadband the way it was meant to be.

Broadband Plans


24 Months

RM 148/mth


12 Months

RM 168/mth

Key Features

No traffic shaping

Symmetrical Upload/Download

Our broadband comes with symmetrical download and upload speed. That means your upload speed will be just as fast as your download speed.

No traffic shaping

Absolutely Zero Traffic-Shaping

We believe you should always get the full bandwidth you subscribed for no matter what you choose to use it for. This is why we don’t do any kind of Traffic Shaping. Ever.

No traffic shaping

Latency-Based Routing

With our smart routing technology and equipment, we optimize our latency so that you can get to your favorite website or servers much faster.

No traffic shaping

Award-Winning Equipment

Experience a new level of Wifi, thanks to our NETGEAR® equipment. The award winning hardware comes for free with your plan and is yours to keep after the contract period.

Experience fiber broadband the way it was meant to be.
Experience Fibernet.