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Cloud Access Security Broker

As cloud applications experience widespread adoption by both enterprises and individuals alike, many business units and individuals have begun to acquire or utilise cloud services to improve their productivity without the IT team’s awareness.

Enterprise IT teams now face tremendous security challenges with the increase of “shadow IT” and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in the workplace. There is a growing risk of malware being introduced into secure business networks through unmanaged devices, as well as potential internal threats where employees may be sharing sensitive business data.

ViewQwest’s Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) service provides enterprises with the data protection they need. Securing data at rest in the cloud, we provide increased security and visibility into the workings of cloud application usage for your organisation. Our service provides additional controls for your IT team to set policies based on the type of device used to access the data, the individual’s access rights and where employees access the cloud applications.

How It Works

What is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)?
Coined by Gartner, CASB refers to service or a software tool that sits between an enterprise’s on-premise infrastructure and the cloud service provider’s infrastructure. It enables organisations to increase their control and visibility of cloud access, meet compliance and regulatory standards, increase data security and threat protection.


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Businesses can increase protection to safeguard access to their data in the cloud by distinguishing between managed and unmanaged devices, creating policies based on the user’s access, managed and unmanaged devices as well as the where users attempt to access the data. If an email is deemed too sensitive to be viewed on an unmanaged mobile device, our CASB service can block the user from viewing the email in its entirety or redact the key phrases within the email or its attachments.

Increased Visibility

Traditional enterprise firewalls are only able to display the names of the files that users within the organisation are uploading into file sharing cloud services, but are unable to view the encrypted outgoing data due to cloud application providers utilising secure transfer protocols (HTTPS). With ViewQwest’s CASB solution, enterprises can gain granular visibility into all users in the environment.

Cloud Compliance

As cloud services grow in popularity and demand, governments have compliance regulations for various industries to protect business critical data according to best practices. Our CASB solution enables organisations from different sectors to meet even the most stringent regulatory requirements.

Rapid Deployment

As there are no software installations or network configurations to be done, our CASB solution can be deployed swiftly.


Agentless Protection

Utilising forward, reverse and ActiveSync proxies and API integration, ViewQwest provides a CASB solution that delivers true agentless protection, securing data at the source, without having to worry about the different operating systems for workstations and mobile devices. Enterprises can identify sensitive cloud data and create customised policies for their varied requirements.

Shadow IT Protection

Enterprise IT teams lack the visibility into the personal cloud applications that employees bring into their environment to increase productivity – employees can be uploading corporate data into high-risk cloud services without adequate security. With ViewQwest’s CASB service, enterprises can now identify high-risk threats to their organisation – uncovering Shadow IT usage to better plan for their cyber security strategy.

Data Leak Prevention

We secure data at access with Data Leak Prevention (DLP) for the cloud. Enterprises have the option to watermark, encrypt, redact or block critical business data from being accessed, with a callback function where needed based on contextual factors.

Multi Cloud Portal

Leveraging on Skyhigh Networks’ leading CASB solution, ViewQwest secures your critical business data in most cloud applications, including Microsoft Office 365, Amazon Web Services, Google Drive, Salesforce and more1.

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