ViewQwest Data Center

Strategically located in the western part of Singapore, ViewQwest’s data center provides a secure and controlled environment to ensure clients’ infrastructure operates at an optimal environment. Our co-location services are ideal for businesses that require a high-bandwidth, professional, dedicated and affordable system to house safeguard vital data and support mission-critical applications. Our data center provides carrier class routing to all businesses and utilizes several industry leading switching platforms.

We understand the need for businesses to be able to access data in a prompt, protected and affordable manner. Let us minimize your infrastructure investment costs, mitigate your risk and provide your business with an easily scalable platform with our co-location service.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Our data center employs a UPS backed up with an emergency diesel-powered generator that can last 24 hours in case of disaster events.
Inter-data Center Connectivity
We offer cross-connect solutions to major local data centers, and peering to all major telecommunications companies to allow business more flexibility.
Controlled Climate
ViewQwest’s data center employs server farm air-conditioning to regulate temperature and increase your equipment lifespan and performance.
High Dedicated Bandwidth
Every customer receives a dedicated connection, with higher bandwidth requirements due to applications, storage, backups and more, businesses now more than ever need a dedicated.
24/7 Site Support
Our network engineers are stationed 24/7 at our data center to monitor, troubleshoot and resolve any issue anytime.
Multiple IP
All co-location services come bundled with a set static IP addresses, with affordable IP address add-ons available.