Tier 3 Data Centre Services
Uninterruptable Power • Controlled Environment • 24/7 On-site Support

Tier 3 Colocation

With Market-leading colocation facilities built to the highest industry specifications, ViewQwest provides colocation services to ensure critical infrastructure operates in a secure and optimal environment. Moreover, we offer colocation services for businesses with varied requirements with our Tier 2 and Tier 3 data centres.

We enable enterprise IT teams to tackle security and cost challenges by providing them with a secure, reliable space to host their infrastructure with dedicated Internet access powered by the fastest private connections to major cloud providers.

At ViewQwest. We understand the need for agile deployment, security, and operational-reliability. Own and manage your equipment, let us take care of everything else.

ViewQwest offers a premium Tier 3 colocation space for businesses with stringent requirements. Meeting global IDC standards and compliance among others, our premium solution is suitable for financial institutions and more.



Our Tier 3 facility ensures reliability and redundancy with a 2N Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with a 2N backup generator system.


The Tier 3 facility is secured with a perimeter boundary wall, with fencing and barb mesh, built to protect against vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED)

Interconnected Network

Extend reach to the cloud and major cities around the world with ViewQwest’s extensive global network.

Round-the-clock Monitoring

Access to the facility is strictly controlled with 2-Factor Authentication enforced by a card system and biometric access. The premise is surveilled round the clock with 24x7 onsite guards.

Dedicated Internet Access

ViewQwest can provide dedicated and high bandwidth internet access and solutions to meet all customer requirements.


ViewQwest offers flexibility and freedom for customers to obtain services from other carriers for diversity.

Mitigate risk and protect your business today