Dedicated Internet Access
Guaranteed Bandwidth • Reliable Network • Proven Performance

Dedicated Internet Access

As businesses increasingly shift to using the Internet for key business operations, such as cloud services, critical communications, real-time transactions and file-sharing, there is a growing need to have dedicated connectivity to the Internet. ViewQwest’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is a premium alternative for enterprises to broadband connectivity. Traditional broadband connectivity is subject to the bandwidth demands of an area, and the bandwidth received might differ from what is required during peak hours.

With DIA, ViewQwest ensures a secure, reliable and high performance connectivity to empower your business to drive your key goals.


First-class Internet Connectivity

With DIA, businesses are able to receive round the clock dedicated and consistent bandwidth. Our network engineers proactively monitor network performance 24/7 to guarantee a highly available and high performing connection. Position your business at the closest possible proximity to the gateway of the Internet.

Reliable Network

ViewQwest is able to deliver a private and stable connection that delivers symmetrical upstream and downstream traffic for enterprises. Specifically designed for the number of employees, traffic and data usage, we offer a scalable, future-proof solution with high-throughput bandwidths of up to 10Gbps.

Priority Business Support

Receive round the clock priority customer service with your own enterprise account representative and our dedicated business support team, which consists of technical and service specialists.


Dedicated and Guaranteed Bandwidth

Safeguard your business from the fluctuations of broadband bandwidth with ViewQwest’s DIA service. With no traffic discrimination or traffic rate limiters, businesses are assured that your essential services are able to constantly operate at peak level. Backed by a bandwidth throughput Service Level Agreement, we guarantee that your business will always receive the bandwidth that you subscribe for.

Latency-based Routing

The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is utilized by most carriers to determine the shortest path that data will take over the Internet, however what BGP determines is the shortest path might not always be the best performing path, as it fails to take into consideration latency, packet loss, network congestion, jitter and more. ViewQwest has implemented an Intelligent Routing Platform at our network edge, to constantly analyse all available paths to determine the best performing paths, this enables us to always deliver ensure our customers the best performing connections.

Comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA)

ViewQwest offer an extensive commercial SLA for our DIA service. Leveraging on our numerous international peering presences, we are able to deliver a maximum regional latency SLA, as well as packet success, jitter (Packet Delay Variation), Core Network Availability, Outage Notification with recovery time and more. Our SLAs ensure optimal network performance and availability for your business’ mission-critical operations.

100Gbps Core Network Backbone

ViewQwest has built our own high performance network with a self-healing core network with a ring topology. We have laid a backup dark fibre mesh between critical network nodes to ensure diversity for businesses, enabling us to offer a highly available service, backed by a 100% core network availability SLA.

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