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International Ethernet Private Line

With businesses expanding rapidly across the globe, companies increasingly require a low latency, resilient and private connectivity solution. ViewQwest’s International Ethernet Private Line (IEPL) is a secure layer 2 point-to-point Ethernet connectivity solution globally, ideal for businesses that require dedicated connections between different geographical locations to securely share critical data.

Let your business leverage on our extensive global network and diverse partnerships to receive a complete global networking solution to virtually anywhere.

Our Extensive Global Network



ViewQwest offers a highly scalable offering, with a wide range of bandwidth options from 5Mbps to 10Gbps, enabling us to meet any business requirement.

Tailored Solution

With varying requirements between different countries, we work with diverse partners around the world, to deliver businesses dedicated connections over Optical and Ethernet networks, including switched and dedicated Ethernet.

Priority Business Support

Receive round the clock priority customer service with your dedicated enterprise account representative and our dedicated business support team, which consists of technical and service specialists.


Extensive Global Coverage

ViewQwest provides excellent regional and global coverage with a network backbone in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as points-of-presence (POPs) in several continents. And with excellent global partnerships, we are able to deliver high performance connectivity solutions to businesses in over 180 countries around the world.

Low Latency

Layer 2 Ethernet provides a stable and low latency connection, ideal for businesses that rely on real-time transactions. The difference of a few milliseconds can be the difference maker to businesses. At ViewQwest, we understand the need for minimal latency, and we offer the best achievable latency to international locations with an approximate Round Trip Delay (RTD) latency testing and advisory.

Service Level Assurance

ViewQwest offers options for several cable systems across the globe to safeguard your network. We proactively monitor our network status and troubleshoot any issues that may arise to offer premium service with a high performance connection, with up to 100% core network availability SLA.

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