Managed WiFi Services

With the popularisation of WiFi enabled devices, ViewQwest understands the need for businesses to manage an environment where their staff can enjoy more flexible working conditions while keeping all vital data safe – and increase customer satisfaction by offering free WiFi benefits.

ViewQwest’s Managed WiFi services enables businesses by being the single point of contact, handling everything from the site survey to network planning and configuration, installation and setup; remotely monitoring and managing all your business WiFi needs by providing on-site troubleshooting, hotline and email support as well as a custom portal to monitor usage and generate reports.

Employing industry-leading technologies, ViewQwest is able to offer businesses a highly scalable cloud solution pairing cutting edge equipment with a dedicated technical support team, while helping businesses to reduce infrastructure costs and risks.


Dual WiFi Services for Private and Public Users
Businesses can create and customise separate networks for staff and visitors; staff can collaborate while freely accessing a secure network around the office, increasing workplace productivity; customers can enjoy an enhanced experience with unlimited bandwidth.
Remote Troubleshooting & Management
ViewQwest offers remote troubleshooting or on-site support to businesses when needed, significantly reducing downtime. Your business gains instant access to a team of network specialists with the technical expertise to take care of your wireless network.
Business Analytics
With real-time reporting, location tracking and bandwidth usage monitoring in a central login portal, your business can collect valuable information based on consumer behaviour.
Custom Login Page
Businesses can create a customised login page for guests to check in hassle-free, branded with the company logo and any other images or advertisements you wish to include.
Enterprise Grade Equipment
ViewQwest utilises best-selling high quality equipment from internationally recognized brands, not compromising on offering the highest performing equipment at competitive rates.
Ultra-fast Fibre Broadband
ViewQwest’s ultra-fast fibre broadband speeds enable businesses to concurrently run a private and public network without experiencing high latencies or lag times. Users can connect from any device while on Singapore’s fastest broadband network.


• Increased business productivity with a more flexible way to work.
• Value-added services for customers.
• Using analytics to gain insights on customer behaviour.
• Highly scalable, businesses can easily add new APs as they grow.
• Lower costs, save on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and technical expertise.
• Round the clock technical support.