Seamless integration with Carrier-Grade Connectivity
Dedicated Connection • Supports Jumbo Frames • Up to 10Gbps Bandwidth

Metro Ethernet

Enterprises with multiple premises need seamless connections for unified communications between employees and customers from every location. ViewQwest’s Metro Ethernet is ideal for enterprises that require a secure and dedicated environment to transport critical data and to access and update real time data.

As a Facility-Based Operator (FBO), ViewQwest has built its own metropolitan network, capable of providing up to 10Gbps dedicated point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections to enterprises anywhere. With built-in redundancy, Metro Ethernet is capable of delivering secure, private and dedicated bandwidth that is resilient.




Carrier Grade Connectivity

With a robust Metro Network to deliver Gigbit Ethernet natively, ViewQwest offers carrier-grade connectivity to provide reliable access to data intensive applications, secure file-sharing and handling real time transactions and more.


ViewQwest connects your enterprise’s offices across multiple physical locations creating a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) utilising private and secure connections with dedicated bandwidth to ensure that all data transferred remains secure.


As business grows, enterprises can easily scale their Metro Ethernet services upwards with minimal lead time for bandwidth upgrades and additional sites can be added at very competitive prices.

Disaster Recovery

Metro Ethernet is the ideal solution for businesses to implement their disaster recovery strategy, providing dedicated and private connectivity links between your primary and disaster recovery sites, enabling real-time replication of data in a secure environment.

Priority Business Support

Receive round the clock priority customer service, with your own enterprise account representative and our dedicated business support team.


Low Latency

We guarantee <1ms end to end latency within Singapore, providing a stable, reliable and resilient connection that ensures minimal latency, jitter and packet loss with our latency-based routing platform.

Flexible Network Management

Metro Ethernet is ideal for enterprises that prefer more control over their networks, businesses are able to apply configurations to their VLANs flexibiy, without having to contact ViewQwest.

High Performance Network

Our Metro Ethernet service feature a higher fault tolerance and lower data transmission errors, delivered on a robust 100Gbps core backbone network to guarantee your business dedicated and secure bandwidth.

No Traffic Discrimination

ViewQwest does not implement rate limiting, nor Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms to prioritise specific types of traffic, enabling your enterprise’s network traffic will always enjoy top priority.

Service Level Assurance

With a robust and high capacity network built to provide redundancy against disaster events such as fibre cuts, and redundant dark fibre connecting all critical nodes in our core infrastructure, ViewQwest provides all businesses a 99.99% core network availability SLA.

Achieve maximum flexibility and control with ViewQwest Metro Ethernet