Visualise, Control and Reduce the Attack Surface
Attack Surface Modeling & Simulation • Advanced Threat Intelligence

Threat Management

Understanding and controlling your attack surface — the sum of all attack vectors against your organisation — is a fundamental, game-changing security capability. But it’s hard to manage something you can’t see. 

ViewQwest’s Threat Management solution, powered by Skybox, gives you true visibility of your attack surface, turning hybrid network, security and endpoint information into a simple picture, and adding vulnerability and threat intelligence to give you fast insight into your biggest risks.

With attack surface visualisation, respond quickly to your most serious threats, systematically reduce your attack surface and achieve ongoing situational awareness. 


Unifies Data in a Simple Picture

The attack surface simulator consolidates data silos from endpoint and network security products, including physical IT, multi–cloud and OT networks. In addition, it creates a map of servers, endpoints, security and networking devices and hybrid network topology, providing intelligent insights to the security exposures of your business.

Identifies Indicators of Exposure

Our solution quickly shows exposed vulnerabilities and vulnerability exploit status based on intelligence from the current threat landscape, and prioritises IOEs to reflect the risk and likelihood of an attack, enabling your IT team to dynamically manage your risks efficiently and effectively.

Real-time Security Status Information

With real-time security status information, our solution helps you develop a common understanding of risks and remediation priorities across technical and business groups in your enterprise. It can also allow you to track and report on progress toward strategic security or compliance goals with IOE trends or historical comparisons.

Reduced Attack Response Time

Our solution identifies vulnerabilities that pose the most risk across the entire enterprise, based on your attack surface and the threat landscape, and distinguishes between real exposures and security issues that are effectively mitigated by compensating controls. This will enable your security leaders to direct resources to patching or remediating systems and applications most at risk.


Attack Surface Modeling & Simulation

With attack surface modeling, your IT team can see the complex interaction of security controls, network topology, vulnerabilities and threats in the context of your business. With comprehensive support for hybrid environments, you can bring physical, virtual and cloud networks into one view — even ICS and SCADA environments. The workspace also enables you to perform sophisticated analysis without disruption to the live network, including multi-step attack simulations, predictive analysis of proposed network changes, network path analysis and more.

Visualising Tools for Exposure

Attack vector analytics uncover indicators of exposure (IOEs) such as exposed or exploited vulnerabilities, unsecure device configurations, risky access rules and more. This visual tool is customisable, allowing you to widen or narrow your view of IOEs by filtering based on severity or timeframe to match your needs.

Detailed Tracking of Progress Towards Security Goals

Our threat management tool enables you to define your security goals and monitor your progress towards achieving them, allowing you to gain visibility into where you stand and craft detailed action plans required to achieve your goals.

Understand and manage your attack surface today