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Unified Endpoint Management
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Unified Endpoint Management

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture and a growing distributed workforce has made it difficult for traditional security policies to protect critical data and assets of enterprises. The proliferation of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications has further compounded the challenges that IT and security administrators face.

Now more than ever, employees require more flexibility and convenience to work effectively in an increasingly mobile environment, leading to workforces using various devices with different operating systems (OS). This makes it challenging to implement an effective security strategy for managing endpoints.

Many organisations rely on a combination of different tools to manage their endpoints and end users. However, these tools do not integrate well with each other – resulting in a convoluted management process for IT administrators.

Powered by IBM MaaS360 with Watson, ViewQwest provides a smarter approach to mobile security for enterprises. Secure your company’s critical assets with Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). MaaS360 with Watson allows IT administrators to consolidate management of all types of devices, regardless of platform or operating system. Discover and prioritise the areas that have the most meaningful impact on your business.


Centralised Control

Identity and Access Management (IAM) allows administrators to control employee access to corporate data via a single digital identity. With support for Active Directory, we can apply and enforce granular policies based on the specific use case and requirements of each enterprise, allowing access to various company assets depending on the method of access by the end user.

Comprehensive Platform Support

Our UEM solution supports all major computing platforms, including iOS1, macOS, Android2 and Windows devices. While traditional solutions offer incomplete support for legacy Microsoft platforms, MaaS360 supports Microsoft Windows XP SP33, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 10 and Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile.


ViewQwest, partnering with IBM, offers 4 UEM plans to choose from depending on each company’s needs, so customers only need to pay for the features they use with options to scale up if necessary.


The ViewQwest UEM solution enables companies to focus on running their business with peace of mind. Our customers can rely on our team’s expertise to set up and manage the solution based on each customers’ unique needs and use cases. The converged solution also allows businesses to save costs on the upkeep of multiple agents.


Cognitive Analytics

ViewQwest’s comprehensive cloud-based UEM solution employs the industry’s first cognitive, AI-based approach. The Watson AI proactively provides actionable insights and analytics on usage and threat intelligence against malware and advanced threats. Employ the cognitive approach to enable endpoints, end users, applications and data. MaaS360 with Watson brings risks, opportunities and information to the forefront.

Unified Endpoint Management

Retain business flexibility through ViewQwest’s integrated technologies that allow businesses to apply security policies across multiple types of devices and operating systems with ease. Administrators can view analytics for different devices and operating systems conveniently on a single dashboard.

Software Patching Policies

With ViewQwest’s UEM solution, administrators can apply operating system and software patches from a centralised source. This patch management system converges Application Programming Interface (API) sets and agent-based device management to grant the ability to ensure that legacy devices and OS stay patched, updated and secure – all within a single platform, greatly increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

User-friendly Container Application

We provide an encrypted container application to separate personal from corporate data while securing your business’ corporate email, web browsing and other sanctioned applications. A secure container allows for the isolation of applications, limiting or disabling of functions and the ability to wipe information within the container – leaving personal data untouched.

Remote Wiping Capabilities

Ensure that business-sensitive data is protected in events where user devices are compromised. The ViewQwest UEM solution grants IT administrators the ability to remotely wipe protected data from end users’ devices.

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