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Unified Threat Management

ViewQwest offers businesses a comprehensive threat protection system by utilizing a highly effective approach to managing security challenges with layered security, or a “defence-in-depth” strategy. Partnerships with industry-leading security players and processes to help businesses selectively outsource security tasks to ensure that your data and infrastructure are protected.

We help to reduce your capital investment by removing any risk borne when purchasing and managing your own equipment and infrastructure. By not limiting ourselves to cloud services, we’re able to provide more flexible and hassle-free solutions with customisable options. Combining our high-speed fibre broadband with best of breed partnerships, businesses can enjoy blazing fast and secure Internet connections.

Every business is unique, that’s why we offer a complete suite of protection options available by subscription, so you can easily adapt what you need as your business grows. Let us manage your security needs for you so you can better focus on your core business to maximize productivity.​

How It Works

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A firewall is essential to all businesses, regardless of size or industry. Designed to prevent unauthorised access to or from a private network, firewalls help keep your company’s network and data secure.

IPS is a threat prevention technology that functions as a preemptive approach to network security. It actively scans all incoming and outgoing traffic, analyses and takes automatic actions on all traffic in the network. While an IDS is a passive system that scans all traffic, and gathers information, identifies threats and sends alerts for manual handling.

Both function as a complementary layer to the firewall service for added protection by enabling the system to recognise and identify suspicious patterns that haven’t been updated as threats yet.

Content filtering gives businesses the ability to manage internet usage by minimising non-work related browsing and maximising employee productivity, as well as controlling access to unsafe sites. Along with policy management, ViewQwest delivers a comprehensive solution through utilisation of hardware, which offers companies more flexibility and control than cloud solutions.

Control what can be accessed when you want it to, and by whom you want it to.

VPN technology helps safeguard data integrity for companies, as well as connecting employees to internal and external platforms from any location. ViewQwest has points-of-presences in countries such as UK, USA, HK/China, Malaysia and Indonesia to provide you a sophisticated, secure and high-speed network service.

Application control gives businesses more oversight on employee application usage. Web 2.0 applications such as Skype, Facebook and Youtube expose your business network to new threats, application control can help through traffic shaping or blocking entirely on networks and endpoints instead of ports, protocols or IP addresses. You can prioritise, report, throttle detected applications, depending on your business’s needs.

ViewQwest’s data leak prevention service scans and analyses all web-based communication and attachment, identifying communications and attachments as the highest risks for businesses, including emails, messengers, P2P file sharing. Incoming and outgoing emails are automatically encrypted to prevent data leakage and support compliance. Emails and attachments can be scanned to control or be blocked from sending sensitive information for added security. Additionally, a DLP filter can examine network traffic and add watermark to outgoing images or secure any outgoing word documents to meet your business’s specific needs.

More than just protecting your email from unwanted messages, ViewQwest’s anti-spam and anti-virus features also protects all your internet traffic by automatically blocking all viruses, malware and spyware, ensuring you a hassle-free and secure experience.

To protect your business’s network, computers and servers, you need to scan them for vulnerabilities from time to time. Open ports and outdated applications are among some of the vulnerabilities that are highly susceptible to malware and threats. Our service is designed to assess business networks and computer systems to alert you of any potential security weaknesses either on a schedule or whenever you choose to and report the findings.

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