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Cloud Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service

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Cloud Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service

Today’s digital workforce can work from anywhere. Armed with advanced work tools and devices, and good connectivity, employees have the capability to do their best work wherever they are.

ViewQwest has partnered with multiple global technology leaders to provide a robust cloud-native network for remote enterprise connectivity via a fast, stable & secure VPN solution.

Legacy VPN


Cloud VPN

Cloud VPN Benefits

Fast set up

We can activate your VPN service within 24 hours. And provision your users within minutes.

Fast network

We ensure that cloud applications are accessed by routing to the closest PoP as measured by latency and loss.


We establish secure tunnels to the nearest PoPs using IPsec or DTLS with an additional security layer where the user authenticates using multi-factor authentication before granted access.


With a global, SLA-backed backbone, the cloud network connects mobile users to both physical and cloud datacenter resources anywhere without the erratic internet middle mile. Enjoy a smooth jitter-free experience when you conduct video conferences or meetings online.

Cloud VPN Advantages

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