The only way through is together.

Your customers and your people are your greatest assets. As the COVID-19 situation escalates, protecting your employees is crucial for business continuity. And serving your customers to help them through these challenging and uncertain times is key for your business — and ours — to endure through this crisis.

ViewQwest is privileged to be your partner and we are here to support you with the communications technology and solutions you need during these extraordinary times. We have curated a range of services and special offers to help businesses, regardless of size, and their employees to stay connected, stay secured, and stay in touch while working from home.

Our Work-From-Home (WFH) Solutions

Stay Connected

Cloud Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Traditional VPN creates WAN congestion, security risks, and is often hard to scale with the sudden surge of users driven to Work-From-Home. Our Cloud VPN has helped customers get their WFH workforce connected securely and quickly, regardless of size or number. Activate your VPN solution within 24 hours.

 Stay Secured

Unified Endpoint Management

With employees Working-From-Home and using their various devices to perform work functions, the risk of cyber attacks through endpoint devices increases significantly as the management of endpoints becomes more fragmented, making it difficult for IT managers to secure all the devices. Find out how we can protect your endpoints with the world's first AI-Powered Centralized UEM Solution.

Stay in Touch

OneVoice™ Solution

As your employees WFH, their office landlines are not accessible to them and that may result in important calls being missed. Our Business OneVoice™ allows your employees to continue making and receiving calls through your office landlines even while working from home. Find out more about our voice solution and receive voice plan now.

ViewQwest is here to support you during this challenging times.

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