1. Service Application

1.1. Age Eligibility. The Customer must be at least 18 years old and above to be eligible to sign up for VQ’s Service.

1.2. Supporting Documents. The Customer must ensure that all information and supporting documents submitted to VQ for the purpose of the application for the subscription of the Service are accurate, current and complete. Supporting Documents required:

a) for Malaysians – a copy of the individual’s identity card; and

b) for non-Malaysians – a copy of the individual’s passport.

1.3. Installation Address Limit. Customer is allowed to subscribe for one (1) service per Installation Address and in any case, up to a maximum of five (5) Services for five (5) distinct installation addresses under one (1) NRIC (for Malaysian) or one (1) passport (for non-Malaysian).

1.4. Privacy Policy. The Customer accepts the terms of VQ Privacy Policy available at website under Data Protection and authorizes VQ to use their personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

1.5. Fiber Readiness. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that its Premises is fiber ready and a termination point is present. In the event that during the course of installation, the Customer encounters problems that are within VQ’s reasonable control, VQ will endeavour to assist the Customer in resolving such problems. VQ shall not be held liable for such problems at all material times.

1.6. Credit Check. Pursuant to the Credit Reporting Agencies Act and the Central Bank of Malaysia Act, the Customer is hereby subjected to and hereby consents to ViewQwest and their third party registered credit reporting agency to process their personal data for the purposes of conducting a credit check upon signing up. In the event that the Customer fails the credit check, ViewQwest reserves the right to reject the Customer’s application for the Service.

1.7. General Terms & Conditions. ViewQwest’s General Terms & Conditions can be downloaded from VQ website,

2. Service Description

2.1. Subscription Period. Unless otherwise specified in the Service Application Form (“Application Form”) or VQ website , the subscription period for the Service is twelve (12), twenty four (24), or thirty six (36) months, from the date of activation of the Service (“Activation Date”) or in the event of any promotion held by VQ for the Service, such other subscription period may be applicable in connection to the promotion, as may be prescribed by VQ from time to time. 

2.2. Service Renewal. Upon expiry of the Subscription Period, the Service will automatically be renewed on a monthly basis unless otherwise terminated by the Customer.

2.3. Service Speed. The speed of broadband service is provided on “best efforts basis and is up to the subscribed speed. The broadband speed may vary from time to time, and depends on including but not limited to the time of connection made, distance of the connection between Customer’s access device and the Customer premises equipment (i.e. WiFi Router), the type of devices used to connect to the broadband. The Customer may also experience service disruptions from time to time.

2.4. Hardware – Contractual Plans. All contractual plans come with one (1) free rental bundled modem (ONU, adapter, Patchcord cable) and one (1) free bundled router as specified in the Service Application Form, unless stated otherwise.

2.5. Hardware – Noncontractual Plans. The Customer agrees to purchase the required hardware and be charged for it before service activation.

2.6. Hardware Warranty. Defective hardware is to be brought to the VQ office in Kuala Lumpur (Suite 3-#A & 5, Lower Level 3, The Horizon Annexe, Avenue 7, Bangsar South) or Johor Bahru (87, 87A, 87B, Jalan Mutiara 1/9, Taman Mutiara Mas, 81300 Skudai, Johor). The following warranties apply:

3 years
3 years
3 years
ASUS Lyra Trio (2-Pack)
3 years
ONU (Modem) – Contractual Plans
Contract Period
ONU (Modem) – Noncontractual Plans
1 year

3. Rights to Use

3.1. Lawful Use. The Customer shall only use the Service for lawful purposes. The Customer shall not:

a) use the Service for any unlawful purpose including without limitation any criminal purposes;

b) use the Service to send unsolicited electronic messages or any message which is obscene, threatening or offensive on moral, religious, racial or political grounds to any person including a company or a corporation;

c) use the Service to compromise or infect any systems with computer viruses or otherwise;

d) use the Service to infringe any intellectual property rights of VQ, its related companies and subsidiaries or any third party;

e) use the Service to gain unauthorized access to any computer system connected to the Internet or any information regarded as private by any person including a company or corporation;

f) share the Service with any person including a company or corporation without the prior written approval of VQ and shall use the Service only for the purpose for which it is subscribed;

g) resell or sublet the Service to any third parties without prior written consent from VQ;

h) use the Service in any manner, which in the opinion of VQ may adversely affect the use of the Service by other customers or efficiency or security as a whole.

3.2. Password Safety. Where applicable, the Customer shall be responsible for the safety and security of service or user ID or password of the Service. VQ is not able to control the safety of the user ID and VQ shall not be liable for any unauthorized use by any third party of such use, user ID or password. In addition, the Customer shall properly maintain and take appropriate measures to safeguard VQ’s Equipment that may be provided by VQ for the use of the Service.

4. Service Installation

1.1. Customer’s Premise. The Customer deemed to have authorized VQ or VQ’s appointed installers to enter Customer’s premise to carry out and complete installation of VQ equipment. The Customer must have procured all 3rd party’s permissions, licenses or consent necessary to complete the installation.

1.2. Standard Installation. For standard Installations, ViewQwest will provide one (1) meter (inside the Customer’s premise) from the modem (“ONU”) to the Fiber Wall Socket (“Standard Installation”) at no additional charges. This arrangement for the Standard Installation may be subject to change from time to time. Should the length required at the Customer’s premises exceed the said allocated amount, the extra charges will be borne by the Customer.

1.3. Non-Standard Installation. The Customer will coordinate directly with the Third Party Contractor in relation to any non-standard installations including, but not limited to, over the ceiling, additional cabling, underground ducts, concealed wiring (“Non-Standard Installation”). The Customer shall pay the Third Party Contractor any and all reasonable costs incurred in relation to the Non-Standard Installation. For Non-Standard Installations pertaining to BTU deployment, the Third Party Contractor will provide a cable length up to one hundred (100) metres from the nearest connection point in the Third Party Contractor’s HSBB network up to the BTU in accordance with its standard wiring guideline. In the event that the Customer requires more than the allocated cable length of one hundred (100) metres, the Customer shall pay the Third Party Contractor an additional charge of RM50 for every five (5) meters or part thereof. VQ will not be liable for any Non-Standard Installations performed by the Third Party Contractor.

1.4. Third Party Equipment. VQ does not provide configurations or installations for third party equipment or modem of the Customer.

1.5. Installation Process. The Standard Installation process will take approximately one (1) hour. The Customer will receive a call from VQ within seven (7) working days from receipt of the Customer’s application for the Service, and to confirm a date and time to install the VQ Equipment at the Customer’s premises (“Installation Date”) within fourteen (14) working days from receipt of the Customer’s application.

1.6. Installation Rescheduling. For any rescheduling or cancellation of the Installation Date, the Customer is required to inform VQ no later than five (5) working days prior to the Installation Date. In the event the Customer fails to inform VQ accordingly, VQ reserves the right to charge the Customer RM200 for any rescheduling or cancellation request.

1.7. Installation Hours. Service installation will be carried out during standard operational hours at 9am – 6pm, Monday to Friday, except on State or National Public Holidays.

1.8.  Service Installation Form. ViewQwest will perform a simple Service Installation Form (SIF) at the time of installation or during the on-site visit (if applicable) to determine the availability of the Service. The SIF will involve the configuration, testing and verification of the Internet access with Customer’s access device (such as a personal computer or laptop or WiFi-enabled mobile device) or VQ access device.  For clarification, ViewQwest or their installer may request that Customer attempts to access the Internet using Customer’s access device once the Service is provisioned.  VQ will also test WiFi accessibility with reasonable coverage at Customer’s home.

1.9. Service Activation Date. The Service Activation Date is taken as the date when the SIF is completed and the Service is deemed to have commenced.  The Customer is required to acknowledge the completion of the SIF. In the event that there is no acknowledgement within three (3) days of the said completion, it shall be deemed that the Customer has accepted the completion of the SIF and that the Service is working as intended.

1.10. Site Support Visit. Save within the installation warranty period, the Customer shall bear the cost for site support visit requested by the Customer at the rate of RM150 per visit or at such other current prescribed rate as shall be reasonably determined by VQ from time to time. The charge excludes any materials or equipment replacement charges that the Customer may be required to pay VQ.

1.11. Equipment Sharing. Customer acknowledges that VQ’s equipment including but not limited to the ONU installed or placed at the Customer’s premises (“VQ’s Equipment”) may be shared by VQ with other service provider(s) in the event that the Customer subscribes to services offered by other service providers who have contractual arrangements with VQ. The sharing of VQ Equipment is for the purpose of enabling the other service provider to install and provide any service to the Customer at the Customer’s premises. Likewise, Customer also acknowledges that where such an arrangement is made between VQ and any other service provider for the sharing or use of any equipment including equipment by the said service provider at the Customer’s premises, VQ may use the relevant equipment for the purpose of the provision by VQ of any of the Services.

1.12. Installation Charges. The Customer agrees to the following One Time Service Charges (where applicable): –

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